Yoga with a Two Year Old

I love Yoga. It's a part of my daily exercise routine since I discovering FitTV's "Namaste Yoga", on everyday at 7:30 and 11:30 a.m. The half-hour show takes me through a warm-up, yoga practice, and cool-down. I'm not a pro, but love the flexibility and muscle tone I've gained through the workouts.

And, Elissa loves it too! She likes to do yoga with me when we are both at the farm, though her attention span only allows for a short--I'm talking less than two minutes--yoga practice. She knows some of the moves I do and does her best to get into the positions. Busy Bits--she earns the name!

Brother Joe snapped the following two photos this morning during our yoga session. Notice that Elissa even has her baby doll involved, using a chair pad as baby's yoga mat. Such creativity.

Happy New Year!