Refinishing Floors: Chapter Two

The floors are still a work in progress. We thought about dividing up the project in half, tackling the guest bedroom and hallway in part one and the master bedroom second. But, after discussing the situation, Mike and I decided it was best to bite the bullet and do the whole thing at once. If you're going to go, go all out; right?

Before I show you photos of the beautiful floors we revealed, let me introduce you to the state of the master bedroom upon purchasing. Let's just say the guest bedroom was not the only room with eccentric painting.

Here we have the light-switch. Cut in half to allow for the built-in wall of closets, painted aqua and surrounded by yellow and purple sponged-on daises. Not really our style, to say the least.
Then there is the wall of closets. Ugly and not very functional considering the amount of floor-space it consumes. These closets are not original to the house. The bedroom has two closets in addition to these. We'll look at them in a later post. We plan to maximize them with better closet systems.
The next wall has a window and random color-block painting on it. Call me crazy, but I'm not understanding the connection between the color blocks and the light-switch art. 

Oh but wait, there is more fun painting to ponder!
Pondering is exactly what Mike is doing in this picture. "What in the world is up with this sponge painted wall of blue blobs and yellow daisies? And why is there a random red butterfly and flower?"
Want a closer look at those red pieces? They are below.
Yes, the painting in this room is just as excentric as the guest bedroom, and we are looking forward to covering the walls with our serene color choice (not sure what that will be yet).

Now, back to the floors. We made short work of it once the furniture was cleared. The carpet and foam came up with success, and there was nothing glued to the wood, so we won't have to sand off remnants for foam in here. 

All the pondering and extracting of carpet made Mike sleepy. 
No rest for me though...

Time to rip out more staples!