Refinishing Floors: Chapter One

More beautiful wood floors have been uncovered!

The stairs will look great after they get a little love.

The person who laid the carpet obviously loved their staple-gun. The floor is now peppered with little holes. I am told they will disappear--I hope so!

The carpet is piling up. The garbage haulers will love seeing this on the stoop next week. Ok, maybe not, but Mike will be happy to get rid of it!

Maybe I'm blissfully optimistic, but I can't help but think even the circus walls are more bearable with wood floors under them. That doesn't mean I can't wait for the day I take a brush and roller to them!

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  1. Nathan is giving me a lot of instruction right now and what I am suppose to be commenting about regarding your flooring and painting projects. Rather than me type out a few paragraphs you can call my non-social media husband on his telephone to get the details. One thing I DO know is that you do not need to prime over those walls if you have Benjamin Moore paint. We are experienced with that and know it will cover any color!