The Master Bedroom: Chapter One

Since I got my new job (I start Feb. 15--yay!), and we have a better idea of what are life is going to be, our outlook on the house has changed slightly. We originally thought that if I had to commute to a job, we'd live here for a few years and then move to somewhere more convenient, keeping this house as a rental property. But, everything has changed now, and we are so happy to not be in limbo. It is such a blessing to have great jobs and a great home that we love and do-it-yourself skills we are excited to try out (not to mention family in the area who own a lumberyard to offer help and advice!) Our thoughts have shifted from temporary home to possible long-term first home. It is a fun change.

With that in mind, we decided the wall of closets in the master bedroom (that we estimate was built in during the 70's or 80's) had to go. Instead, we would maximize the original closets (see photos above) in the room by using the demoed shelves and rods to build closet organization systems. In addition, we'd be adding three feet of floor space and helping the room feel open and larger, which is always the goal in a small home!

So, one day when Mike was sleeping the day away, I grabbed the handy crowbar and hammer and began demolition on the ugly beast.

For those of you who have never had the privilege of prying off a chunk of wood with a crowbar or knocking off a wall-board with a heavy blow, I recommend it. Tearing things apart is the best way to make a mess, because it's expected. I love demo.

One exciting thing I confirmed was that the closet was built on top of the wood floors. We were a little afraid they had been cut into. I breathed a big sigh of relief.

I quickly learned that the walls were teal when the closet was installed. Check it out the the photo above. Doesn't the teal compliment our favorite flowers so well? 
One other plus to ripping out the closet: a light switch that is not cut in half!

Fast forward a couple of hours and the closet was gone--well actually it was in pieces on the floor around where it used to be, but you understand what I mean. 
I love the color combination we've added to the room's already crazy wall treatments. The mint green on top of the teal patches is gorgeous, isn't it? Let's look at it closer on the heating vent that was opened thanks to the demo.

A tricolor heating vent. Just what I've always wanted. Okay that's not true. Not at all.

The baseboards inside the closet have escaped years of painting. The ones outside the closet have at least four coats on them; peach, mint green, white and baby blue.

The walls have also seen their fair share of paint. Peach, mint green, white, cream, and teal were all once the colors of choice. Get ready for a new color soon, walls!

I found a few stow-aways during my demolition. The nickel is from 1987 (my birth year--I took that as a good sign), A small angel figurine and a pin that says "Skillful Driver, 2 years." I was happy to free them from their years of forced hiding.

Now, about that pile of boards left from my little project. I am told it will have magically disappeared by the time I return for my next visit. Oh how I love my fiance.