The Guest Bedroom: Chapter 1

While visiting Mike today I decided to paint the guest bedroom. The existing paint colors are starting to get to me. Call me crazy, but lime green and golden yellow walls--complete with white stripes on one side--aren't what I want my guests to wake up to while they are staying with me (of course, in order to have guests stay at my house I have to live there and have a bed for them to sleep in, but that will come.)

Mom and Dad gave us their leftover paint (THANK YOU!!!) so I'll use Cameo White on the walls and Aqua Pearl White on the trim and ceiling. But first there is going to be some serious priming going on.

I'm not sure if you fully appreciate the pure gaudiness of the room. Let me share a few more pictures, just to make sure I have my point across.

Here is the closet, still painted blue from a previous painting job--at least I am hoping the blue was not meant to go with the green and yellow. Taking off the switch-plates reveals I am right; the room was blue before it was painted like a circus tent.

Even the ceiling fan has not escaped the painter's brush.

The hallow door--original to the house--has a hole in it. We'll have to figure out what we want to do about that.

Then there's the carpet. Dusty, worn, and an odd combination with the bright walls.

I decide before I paint I should rip the carpet out, ensuring the baseboard gets an even coat of paint. The flooring will eventually be replaced with laminate.

I grab a razor cutter and bravely make a slash through the carpet in the center of the room, peel back the layers and let out a sharp gasp. Why? Because, much to my surprise...

...there are hardwood floors! And just like that, my painting project is a flooring project.

Oh how I love unexpected gifts like these. Mike and I were sure there wasn't any hardwood under there. Such a Blessing!