December: Oh What a Month!

Oh, what a month December was!

Let's do a recap of the big events for KRL & MRC:

- Miss Elissa celebrated her second birthday surrounded by family, friends, pink balloons and magenta streamers. Auntie/Godmother attended. Katie's post about the day captures the princess in her glory!

- KRL spent long hours writing five -- that's right, FIVE -- term papers to complete the last undergraduate semester. Officially finished college on Thursday, December 17 and will walk in commencement on Saturday, May 8. We celebrated by going out to lunch at one of our favorite restaurants. Below is a photo I snapped post-college bliss; two Jimmie alumni.

- MRC bought a house! We moved him in, and put my things in the basement for storage until June when we will be Mr. and Mrs C! In the meantime, he has lots of renovation projects planned. More photos coming soon!

- KRL moved out of the dorms for the last time. Shed a few tears after realizing, after four and a half years of living together, Lana will never be my roommate again. We've had so much fun together--time flies.

- KRL brought Grandma her first Dairy Queen Ice Cream Cake for her 80th Birthday party on the farm. We all enjoyed the special treat! Both Katie and Mom posted about the day.

- CHRISTMAS hosted by Katie and crew. We missed Grandma, Grandpa, and uncle Jim, but had a wonderful, snow-covered weekend with the Pinkes on the prarie. MRC had Christmas Eve and Day off, so he was with us. It was our first Christmas spent together--enjoyed every minute. For a recap, check out Katie's post. I put up my little Christmas tree at the new house for MRC to enjoy (photo at right). It's fun to see through the big picture window while driving up.

- Job hunt continues for KRL. There are a few top prospects--we'll see what happens. In the meantime, I will continue to work part-time, live at the farm, take the GRE test (in preparation for graduate classes in the fall), work on the wedding, and set up interviews.
If anything changes, I'll let you know!

- Five months until the big day! Wedding plans are well on their way, and we are both so excited to be over half-way through our eleven-month engagement! If you haven't seen it yet, we've made an informative wedding website. Consider booking your hotel rooms soon--it's a holiday weekend and the rooms may fill quickly!


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  2. Cute house, Kirst!